PurveyorSF: Finding Fresh Pulpo

My Sunday goes something like this:

10:00 AM Wake up
10:30 AM Wake up again.  Fill a bowl with water.  Dump in some dry ceci beans.  Wipe the splashback from my eye.
11:00 AM Pull a stubborn spoon out of the disposal.  Hiss back at the espresso machine.
12:00 PM Brush the crumbs out of my eyes and off my face. Brush my teeth.
1:00 PM   Stroke the pages of A:16 Food and Wine as ponder: where do fresh octopi come from?  I know they have mommies too, but Where can I get one?
1:30 PM   Surf the net for venders of fresh octopi.  Google top hits are unworthy of mention.  Even San Francisco Fish Company is playing that frozen game.  The burden of being a picky cook in SF.
1:50 PM   Lay back down and contemplate riding to the mission to get coffee with Danny G regarding his new venture Sour Flour.  Think about biking...bikes... bike shops...Mojo cafe...my underground dinner at Mojo Cafe...Divisadero Street... Pop up like a daisy in May!
1:55 PM   Furiously call Ariana from Andrew's phone and convince her to drop her organic chemistry work and run across the street to buy be a fresh octopus from the Divisadero farmer's market!  YEE-HAW!
1:58 PM  Haggle with Ariana to haggle with the vender on the price of my wild Santa Crus Octopus.
2:10 PM   Arrive at Mojo cafe as Ariana passes off a 3 lb cleaned octopus.  Coil it in my back pack and ride off to the mission.
2:30-4:45 Have a 2 hr meeting at a cafe with an octopus in my backpack.  Ride 3 miles with an octopus in my backpack.  Try on expensive shoes with an octopus in my backpack.  Table for two with an octopus in my backpack.

5:00 PM Tuck octopus lovingly into a bed of escarole. Close the refrigerator door.  Start to prepare dinner.

For more rare ingredients, go to PurveySF.tumblr.com.


  1. LOL awesome "Have a 2 hr meeting at a cafe with an octopus in my backpack." I'm trying to think if I've ever done something like that and I can't think of a time. I'll have come up with a good occasion to carry around some random animal part with me to a meeting.

  2. How could you carry that octopus in your backpack for 2 hours? lol, hope it was not alive.


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