Slow Food in Slow Mo: Pizza from the ground up

February 4, 2009

People asked me what I did with the scant lb of mozzarella I pulled.   I was perfectly capable of eating in its native form, with some salt and pepper, but I decided to combine it with no-knead pizza dough and some bacon from that my friend cured for me, and make some pizza for brunch. 

Just three ingredients. I will say this was one of the longest pizza making processes that I have ever done... probably because I allowed the dough to rest for 24 hours, had the bacon cured for 7+ days, and pulled the mozzarella from fresh milk.  Puts a new perspective on SLOOOOW FOOOD... fuck. 

Apparently I have gobs of time on my hands to cook (I also have a full time job). I either a) don't sleep or b) have no friends (waa!)

To add insult to injury I have also been known to grind my own whole wheat flour with a mill.  I am one step away from planting and harvesting my own wheat come Autumn, and donning a lab coat and cultivating my own yeast on a agar gel plate in the chem lab.  Suite Jesus. 

I cooked this pizza at 500 degrees. I didn't have a pizza stone but wish did.  I cooked the dough on the back of a thick backing sheet.  I heated the sheet first for an hours and threw on the cornmeal and dough once the pan was heated through.  Then I threw on the ingredients (just cheese and bacon) and cooked it for 12 minutes. 

Although I used the no-knead method, I also found a great posting on the pizza method at Brooklyn Farmhouse.

Nevertheless, this is what I ended up with:

My roommate Andrew made his version with a sherry cream sauce and a thicker crust.  I usually love thin crust, but this thicker crust was nice given the crispy bread-like nature of the no-knead.

See how he did it!

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Elra said...

Nyam...nyam... deicious Katie. Pizza stones will definitely a must. I mean I can't live without it. I bake a lot of bread you know.

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