Vote KitchenSidecar Into The SF Street Food Festival

July 12, 2011

Vote KitchenSidecar into the
SF Street Food Festival!

My future is in your hands!  It's easy as 1,2,3!
1. Go to SFStreetFoodFest "Vote For You Vendor" page 
2. Click on "Login with Facebook to Vote".  Log into Facebook.
3. Vote away!

Help KitchenSidecar get into La Cocina's annual SF Street Food Festival by voting for yours truly in the Vote For Your Vendor Contest!  La Cocina + Well's Fargo are sponsoring four small (but zesty!) businesses to participate in the Street Food Fest by holding a vote off-- only the top four businesses with the most votes will get in!  I WANT IN!!!!!

Hopefully, if you're getting this email, you have enjoyed one of my succulent Banh Mi Burgers and/or other piece of food at Rice Paper ScissorsThe Sunday Supper, orThe SF Underground Market.  If you like what you ate, PLEASE get on Facebook and vote for me!  I would really appreciate the support. To sweeten the pot, I will also give out free bits of pork jerky to everyone who helped me get in!  So go here and get your vote on! Then send it on!

Much Love,
Katie Kwan
Founder | KitchenSidecar

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