Dining Table Piglette Napkins for The Sunday Supper

March 23, 2011

These napkins are so precious to me- probably because I spent the better part of 2 days cutting and double seaming them into place!  Oy! They are stamped with the KitchenSidecar logo (a blind contour piglette I drew) and will be used for The Sunday Supper - an underground dinner that I serve in Oakland. 
The overall look of The Sunday Supper is changing these days, as we are hoping to move it from a small art gallery to a beautiful antique car showroom - very unconventional.  However, the rustic farm-to-table look will remain intact. So far I've got brown butcher paper on the tables, mason jars for water, Heath Ceramics-esque dishware, and plywood runners down the middle of the table.

I am sure these muslin napkins are just the thing to add softness and balance to the table.  Cloth, understated, but stamped with a vibrant blue piglette.  Perfect.  

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