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July 5, 2010

Truth: I'm not proud of my near comatose online activity.  Although it's tragic, there sizzles a reason within.  Two months ago, I traded in digital for manual -- labor that is.  I started a small Banh Mi Burger stand.

These days the San Francisco food scene is braising with excitement and growth.  Everywhere I turn it is bacon carmel this, olive oil muffin that.  Everything is fair game, and I'd be a fool not to jump in.  Since I started, I've learned so many new things, mulled over so many process improvements.  I've also never worked to so hard for so little money.  What I now make in a sweaty day's work, I used to make with one leisurely sachet of a vlookup.  It's a labor of love. 

The details of setup and breakdown are tedious to write, and even moreso to read.  Let's move on to the food. 
Armed with a 10 inch Sabatier and some serious Adderall, I dice my way through 10 lb pork bellies -- mindfully preserving the texture.  I add just a few ingredients to make it sweet, savory, and succulent.  

The chicken liver pate is a Vietnamese take on a Spanish recipe, which I posted back in March of 2009.  When you smear back the top layer, you are tickled pink by the rosy hue underneath. 

The carrots, daikons, radishes, and onions are pickled in sweet rice vinegar.  They are tangy and they help to cut through that decadent burger.

The mayonnaise I like to make from pasture raised Amber Oaks eggs. The yolks are perky and very orange.  The meyer lemons come from Andrew's parents' tree.  

The Vietnamese herbs include mint, rau ram, cilantro, and jagged toothed herb (aka culantro).  Many of these herbs are not as delicate as cilantro.  They are hearty and flavorful and can stand up to the rugged outdoors of our little cart.  Check them out here

The bread is a high point of debate.  I have attempted various methods of procuring the bread -- some much better than others.  I have made it myself, enlisted help from Sour Flour, and ordered some very good baguettes from Thorough Bread.  Right now I like Panorama, but am having a hard time getting them to take me seriously.  Their bread has a crispy thin crust and a light body.  It takes a backseat in terms of flavor-- at first that turned me off, but now I realize that it balances out an already energetic sandwich. 

Everything that goes between those two slices of bread is 100% handmade - from those those hand cut patties right down to the fermented Sriracha sauce (I lacto ferment fresh red chiles and blend them into a frothy smooth sauce.) 

I make these burgers because they make me happy.  I hope that you all come down and grab some. Come share with me!

You can receive updates on our whereabouts at twitter.com/kitchensidecar.

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I've yet to try my first Banh Mi! Good luck!

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