Candy Meets Marc Jacobs = Foodcrap on Etsy

May 21, 2010

While getting my morning kicks from the Etsy food section, I came upon a rude awakening.  

Marc Jacobs has been swiping some cinematographic style points from Miss CandyLove.  CandyLove is a less than brilliant confection arrangement specialist from Brooklyn who hosts a site on Etsy.  For $2 you can buy a lackluster starburst flower.  Alternatively, you can buy a Barbie Doll draped in Hershey bar wrappers for $35.  But what she lacks in craft, miss CandyLove makes up for in her use of the disposable kodak camera.

Marc on the left.  CandyLove on the right.  Do you see the resemblance?




Visit her Etsy Shop here.

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