Salt Bricks

October 27, 2009

Salt bricks make salt walls and salt houses. These houses house patients with asthma and indicate improved results.

Salt bricks also make great hot plates when heated. You can sear beef quickly, or use as a pizza stone. I want one.

Salt bricks are the new cedar planks.


Anonymous said...

i need this in my room to offset katie's down comforter she won't get rid of.

jaden said...

oh no way. I didn't know that they made houses out of salt! I have a salt plate. Used it once. Don't know why I'm so afraid it will crack! I'm such a salt freak that I just want to lick it all day.

katie said...

Haha... If you lived in a house of salt, I'm sure one would find you, tongue plastered to the wall.

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