Let Us Be Tan and Eat Smelts

September 8, 2009

It's 6:30 pm and we're sun-stroked at the front of my house. Our bodies are boiled from fun.  We have drank too much, eaten too much, swam too much. We're useless. 

I find that the best thing to do is fry up some smelts.  Some crispy fried little fishes.  I generously season a plate of cornstarch and dredge their little bodies for that added crunch.  I heat a wok filled with oil on high and flash fry them.

The man at the fish counter told me they handled like french fries, only they fry faster --1-2 minutes, that's all they need.

I bring my dad a plate of little fishes, dressed with a lemon. Then, I join the quiet crowd outside. My friends and I squint at the sun and munch down the hot smelts and drink the last of the beer. Head, tail, entrails and all.  It's magic hour.


pigpigscorner said...

ahh..the best way to enjoy these little fishies.

Elra said...

I wouldn't mind eating lots of these.

Marc @ NoRecipes said...

Mmmmm it's the simple things that are often the best. I love fried smelt with a little grated daikon and ponzu.

Kitchen Butterfly said...

Whitebait. Yummy. In Nigeria we have them with puff puff (little donut holes, kinda); when I lived in Liverpool my favourite Greek resturant did them. Haven't had them in a while - yummy

Juliana said...

I like the fried smelt, although mu husband will not go near it :-)

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