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August 20, 2009

Forgive me blog for I have sinned.

I have not attended to your needs and the documentation of my intellectual and gastronomical curiosities.

But i assure that I am having fun fun fun. I have cooked chorizo tacos while roughing it at crater lake, oregon. I have tossed my camera into the river in a carefree moment of campy ambition. I have resurrected my biochemistry tomfoolery with experimentation on emulsions. I have read half of Jeffrey Steingarten's book, It Must Have Been Something I Ate, aloud, eulogizing his investigation of MSG on the human psyche.

I admit, I have nothing to offer except for a stock pot full of stories.

I leave this: A link to my most recent radio appearence on Sound Bites, a fantastic new show on the SF food movement by Will Payne. Rock on.

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we are never full said...

so basically, what you are saying, is that you're having fun and enjoying your summer? hells yeah - don't we all deserve to be able to do that w/o feeling guilty?

listening to your podcast right now - love hearing the voice! enjoy the rest of your summer.

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