Food Inc. - Thoughts?

July 11, 2009


Elra said...

should I seriously considering to be a vegetarian?????? should I watch it?? Ok. maybe I should raise my own animal and kill them myself, just like my grand ma used to do. When she need chicken to cook for dinner, she just pick one, then you know what next ... the same happen with the pig ... I think I can raise them, but killing them? well, I am not there yet. Maybe I just start to be a fishterian ... Don't know anymore Katie, what do you think?

we are never full said...

i had a chance to see this a few months ago for free here in brooklyn but couldn't go. i really do want to see it. i think it'll just hammer in similar thoughts that other things have (omnivore's dilemma/supersise me/fastfood nation, etc) with more jaw-dropping news about our country's "food" industry. it's absolutely disgusting what we've all allowed this government to do to our farms and our bodies. that's why i try to cook from scratch as often as possible and attempt to eat local if possible (which, let's be honest, isn't always that easy).

i am a school counselor and the second this video comes out on DVD, i'm asking our health teacher to show this!

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