Unnecessary Lengths For Comfort Food: Homemade Poached Tofu

April 2, 2009

I am going to great lengths for something I could buy for 94 cents at the Asian grocery store.  I am making tofu from desiccated soybeans. 

Why?  Because, in the end, this tofu was delicate unlike any other.  It was clouds; and, while mild in flavor, a perfect base for a simple tart sesame sauce. 

I was inspired by (read: looking to plagiarize) a recipe published in Gourmet Magazine.  The article was about how Korean food was the new... Burmese food.  (And yes, Gourmet did take a sub-authentic spin (Re: no rice flour in Jun pancakes) on a Korean menu.)

Nestled betwen the glossy pages of the monthly publication was a warmed tofu dish with a sweet sesame soy sauce.  I will say that the homemade tofu made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.  It was porous and soaked up the sauce like a little sponge.  It melted in my mouth.  I downed and saved one single bite for my boyfriend.  I left the house to keep myself from finishing it off. 

Here is the recipe - loosely put:

1. Gently lower a 14-18 oz piece of homemade tofu in a saucepan of boiling water.  Cover simmer.  

2. Muddle 1 t minced garlic, 1/4 c chopped scallions, 2 t tasted sesame seeds, 3 T soy sauce, 1 t sesame oil, 2 t peanut oil, 1 t sugar, a splash of rice vinegar, and 1 t chili flakes together.

3. Remove tofu from the saucepan and drizzle with sauce.  Top with a couple more sesame seeds and some freshly chopped cilantro.

Sufficiently tempted?  Wait and see how I make the tofu!  (To be published within the next few days)


Barb said...

I can't wait to make it! It sounds amazing!!!

Barb said...

p.s. Hurry up and post! I'm making soymilk tomorrow for the first time, and it would be great fun to continue on to homemade tofu with half of the milk :)

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