Heat Wave: Blood Orange, Meyer Lemon, and Pink Grapefruit Sorbet

April 21, 2009

Its hot here...  Heat wave in April.  

Too hot to write, so I will keep it brief.  I made some phenomenal sorbet inspired by Mark Bittman's recipe for sorbet

This is a blood orange, meyer lemon, pink grapefruit, and tangerine sorbet.  Really, a  varietal assortment of Planet Organics citrus leftovers.

From kitchensidecar
In SF we are lucky enough to get organic fruit delivered to my work.  Yes, I am not lying.  It's weird and wonderful. 

There is always one or two pieces of fruit that sit leftover from the previous delivery.  

Posessing an impressive amount of foresight, I brought these citrus fruit home and segmented them and froze for the day that SF would hit 80 degrees.

From kitchensidecar

From kitchensidecar
In a blender, I mixed 6 oz of whole milk yogurt, 1 1/2 c of frozen segmented citrus fruits and 3 T of white sugar in a blender until fully blended.  What I got was HEAVEN. 

The depth of flavor contructed through the bitters of grapefruit, the berry notes of the blood orange, the fragrance of the meyer lemon, and the intense spark of the tangerine.  

Coming home from a long day of work, I doused my sorbet in a bit of gin.  It was EPIC.  The juniper berries and bitters went swimmingly with the citrus flavors.     

Who knew that gin was going to pair so well?  

From kitchensidecar
Hurry, freeze the lat of the citrus for the day when your town hits 80F!


Dewi said...

PERFECT Katie, this is what we need when the weather is super hot!

Marc @ NoRecipes said...

Love the photo of the citrus line up. Very cool! And the resulting color of the sorbet is perfect.

Juliana said...

WOW, great pictures...I totally agree...better with gin! Cheers!

claudia (cook eat FRET) said...

damn fine post
and very cool blog

i'll be reading!!!

cantopopstarfish said...

gin? do you think rum would work? and is it necessarily to put yogurt? although i recently started to eat yogurt.

Jude said...

Don't know how I got here but I'm glad to have found your blog. Love the text in the photos :)

megan (brooklyn farmhouse) said...

Beautiful citrus, you lucky West Coaster. You may not have ramps but you've got tons of other awesome ingredients like fresh citrus that we will never have....sigh.

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