Prelude to a Banquet

March 17, 2009

This weekend I masterminded a collaborative Indian Banquet with andrewlow.  The menu was of the following:

**Fresh Samosas (Thanks Elena)

**Malai Kofta (Potato and purple yam meatballs stuffed with paneer, coconut milk, raisins, cashews, and kinnamon in a poppyseed, pumpkinseed and tomato sauce) Rolled by Kasia, Spiced ground by Carl. 

**Lamb and Tomato Curry (Thanks Megan and Dan)

**Delicious Dal (Thanks Megan)

**Chicken Vindaloo (Thanks extraordinary biker Eric)

**Tomato and Cauliflower (Thanks Damian)

**Chicken Tikka Masala

If I forgot anything, my humble apologies.  Pictures and recipes will come.  But first!  A dance off... to dance     off    the   lbs   

Allan Frias - Intermediate Class - 3/17/09 from Nykee23 on Vimeo.

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Dewi said...

somehow the video is on and off, is it just my computer?

Anyway, I think you should make the puff pastry, it's not as intimidating as it sounds. That's for real.

Ground your own cocoa bean? No, I haven't done that! I might go insane from the delicious sweet smelling from the cocoa bean. Are you going to roast them yourself too?

Oh ya, my chocolate puff pastry is from Pierre Herme's "Chocolate Dessert" book. Do you have the book? Otherwise I can make you the copy of this page and send it to you by mail if you are interseted. Or, if you go to Stanford/Palo Alto area, you can send me a message, then I can drop it off. Let me know.

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