15 Minute Chicken: Eat Your Heart Out Rachel Ray

March 8, 2009

My newest obsession:  The 15 min chicken.  Covered with an oil can, buried in some hay, a chicken is lit on fire for 15 minutes.  

I want to find a dry hay field and try and start a forest fire with this project. 

Well, maybe I'd settle for a beach and a mini chicken bonfire.


I got this from Instructables, the coolest multi-content, multi-tasking site ever. 

I also embedded the full post.  So excited for some charred poultry.  Perhaps a pleasant pheasant...

A Thai style Chicken BBQ cooked outside in 10-15 minutes. Using an old can, empty beer bottle and some hay. - More DIY How To Projects


Elra said...

Wow, I am glad that you didn't burn the whole field... kidding!!
THis is impressive Katie, where is it? Can't do that in my neighborhood. I probably have to ask permission from the city. They pretty strict with fire thingy... We can't even burn real wood at our fire place anymore at some point.
Well done girl.

megan (brooklyn farmhouse) said...

I am going to go do that in Prospect Park and see what happens. Prob would get arrested. I bet the chicken tastes AWESOME.

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