November 7, 2008

We went apple picking for liz's birthday. Surprisingly, although apples are still available at the farmer's market well into November, farms stop opening their gates to families and us in late October. I live in the bay area, and the northern Marin farms were "all picked out". So, note to self, get on that early Fall 2009!

It turns out that the farm we went to, Twin Hills, was the last frontier. There we were four girls lost on a vacant farm. It worked well for us as we felt comfortable picking random chestnuts and usurping their trampoline.

Apple picking is quick. So we settled down on this trampoline to eat bread and cheese and drink pink champagne. I know, a little cheesy, but you gotta love the cheese. Alcohol and the sun will do that to you, so we had to CHILL, laze around, watch The Fall, and slowly make butternut squash and chestnut ravioli...


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Arcenia said...

I can see down your shirt Guara!!!!

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