Luang Prabang Salad

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Momo Achar
Salted Cod Meatballs w Tomato Confit
Plum Tamarind Ketchup
Tomatillo Ketchup
Salsa Rosa
Nuoc Cham

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Meyer Lemon Meatball Soup w Nettles and Israeli Couscous
French Onion Duck Soup
Zuni Duck Stock
Zuni Chicken Stock - Best Ever
Turkey Soup

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Olive Oil, Rye, and Peach cake
Chocolate Mayonnaise
Flaky Biscuits
Strawberry Strawberry Cake
Swiss Meringue Cream Cheese Buttercream
French Laundry Shortbread
Blood Orange, Grapefruit, and Meyer Lemon Sorbet
Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Lemon Syrup
Raspberry Curd
Supermoist Yellow Butter Cake
No-knead Pizza Dough
Sticky Rice Pudding
Pomegranate Cranberry Pear Lime Jellies
Almond Marshmallows
Country White No Knead Bread
Leek and Gruyere Bread
Steamed Bun Dough
Chocolat Chaud - Hot Chocolate